Clarifying Enterprise Implications

During the write up of my initial project proposal, I mentioned that I want to look into the implications that QKD will have upon enterprises. This is a very broad statement, and hence, I plan to come up with some ideas of what I could focus on in my final proposal.

QKD implication ideas:

  • Focus on pricing of QKD implementation
    • Cost of initial components ~$50 000 [1]
    • Cost of maintenance
  • Consideration of quantum computing methods, and determine suitability as a commercial product [2]
    • Rare earth metals
    • Superconductors
  • Compare and contrast with current encryption methods [3]
    • RSA encryption
    • AES
  • QKD influence on current key maintenance techniques [4]
    • Technological focus
    • People focus
    • Business ‘best practice’ focus


In conclusion, I currently am considering that determining pricing for QKD implementation would be more difficult than what I have time for. I think that the QKD methods could still be useful in providing greater background into how it works, so I would like to do further research on this aspect.

My current plan is to take a further look into current encryption methods and their maintenance, and consider this as the focus of enterprise implications.


[1] Maxey, Kyle. (9 September 2013). Toshiba Makes Quantum Cryptography Breakthrough, (Accessed 21 July 2017)

[2] Savage, Neil. (5 July 2017). Quantum Computers Compete for “Supremacy”, Scientific American. (Accessed 21 July 2017)

[3] Li, Kevin. (28 March 2014). Current Encryption Algorithms, Information Security: Stack Exchange. (Top Answer). (Accessed 21 July 2017)

[4] Barker et al.(March 2007) Recommendation for Key Management-Part 1: General (Revised), NIST Special Publication 800-57. (Accessed 21 July 2017)




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