Personal Progress report: 15/08/17

After having met with my supervisor today, I have decided to make a progress report.

In terms of work, I have succeeded in extracting information from three different articles, which provide me with a foundation for my project. The NIST SP 800-57 article has provided me with a comprehensive framework for classical key management, whose parameters I will likely use to evaluate quantum keys. The BB84 article has been fantastic in informing me of the origins of QKD, and the security of QKD article has supplied me knowledge of the ‘current’ state of QKD development, with its strengths and weaknesses.

The next step for me, is to define any unfamiliar words or terms that I came across within the articles, and to collate the data in order to evaluate which direction/directions I want to focus upon next. My current ideas are as follows:

  • Determine the security strength of the classic, DI-QKD, and MDI-QKD protocols.
  • Potentially consider looking into a brief history of classical key distribution.
  • Potentially focus on researching the QKD system in Tokyo that was mentioned in the security of QKD article.
  • Extract definitive parameters (and how they are determined) from the NIST SP 800-57 article in order to apply them to QKD.
  • Consider the requirements for Eve to hack Bob’s system (for both classical and quantum) in regards to physical location, technological requirements, and a priori knowledge.

I will likely be refining and adding to this list over the course of this next week as I weigh the pros and cons for each idea, and determine whether each idea is a worthwhile investment.

In terms of personal growth and skills gained, I have found this research to be stimulating and exciting for me. I was originally nervous in approaching this topic as I was concerned that the information for QKD would be beyond my level of comprehension, however, I have found that most of it makes sense and is easy to understand. I have currently acquired the following skills:

  • Inputting symbols into WordPress through their HTML shortcuts
  • Activating subscript and superscript through the HTML viewer/editor
  • Creating files within Zotero for further organization of websites

I am considering on teaching myself LaTeX (or MikTeX for Windows) so that I can publish my final report through TeXworks rather than Word. This skill however, will be dependent upon how much time I am able to organize for myself for publication of the report and poster.


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