Personal Progress Report: 24/08/17

This past week has been an interesting week in terms of my project. This is because I have moved on from learning the foundations required for the project.

In regards to my last personal progress report ideas, I have been working on the determining how QKD fits within select current NIST SP 800-57 parameters. This lead to some concern of my own, that I was making too many assumptions within my write-up. However, upon rereading my current progress, I am satisfied with my writing; that it is not too presumptuous, or lacking in prior research based statements.

In terms of my glossary, I asked for assistance from a classmate for him to read over my project research articles and compile a list of terms that he was unfamiliar with. This was a great help in ensuring that I didn’t miss any terminology due to my prior knowledge causing me to overlook them. The glossary is very large, approximately 45 words, so I am currently chipping away at them alongside my other study. The glossary will very likely be added to the appendix of the report, and I plan to create links to the words for an online version of the report.

Before meeting up with my supervisor this week, I rewrote what my goals were for this project. They are as follows:

What is my end goal with this project?
-To establish an understanding of the role that QKD plays in security infrastructure
-To determine QKD’s strengths and weaknesses
-To potentially consider a prospective goal for QKD in enterprise

What are my short term goals/lesser importance knowledge goals?
-To understand the physical implementation and apparatus required for QKD
-To learn about the different methods like MDI-QKD and others, the Decoy state method.
-To gain an understanding of the differences involved for discrete-variable QKD in comparison to continuous-variable QKD systems.

Do my short term goals feed into my end goal?
This was discussed with my supervisor, and she brought up the point that this project is more of a pooling of QKD information, than specific first-hand information that would be gained from surveys or interviews. The survey idea was something that I had mentioned within my project proposal, but was something that was not considered possible due to the short time span allocated to this project, and the lack of large enterprises in New Zealand. If I consider my project to be the pooling of QKD based information then my short term and long term goals do work together, and surveys/interviews are prospective projects that could be based upon the information that I will have collated.

What other short term goals need to be implemented to reach my end goal?
This was a question for me to ruminate upon as I progress with my research. Some short term goals, or ideas to implement, that were suggested by my supervisor, were:
-Start writing up the report now with the available information, and see what gaps need filling.
-Consider who the report is going to be tailored for.

Personally, I am not feeling confident about writing up my report draft just yet, but I will start to create a format/template for my draft report, that provides me with a framework for my current knowledge and the further research. In considering that the report should be tailored to IT students, I am thinking that I will also need to give a explanation on quantum mechanics, so that the name itself doesn’t hinder anyone from reading and gaining an understanding of QKD.

Personal growth and skills gained:
I have developed more knowledge of how to use WordPress in terms of referencing and working in the HTML format. The personal growth has been learning how to critically evaluate my own work, and not dismiss it based on doubts. This has been achieved through the use of revisiting what my goals for the project are, and whether my work is assisting in reaching that goal, or is side research.



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