Personal Progress Report: 05/09/17

This past week, I have been following my current plan for my draft report. The report template is as follows:

  • Introduction to quantum mechanics
  • Basic overview/introduction to QKD (Based on the BB84 protocol)
  • Physical implementation
  • Logical design
  • Security strengths and weaknesses
  • Different models of QKD
  • Intro to NIST
  • Application of QKD with respect to key parameters outlined in § 5
  • Future potential of QKD
  • Conclusion

As I currently have information on the basics of QKD, I have been looking into the physical network model of QKD. Unfortunately, I could not find any papers that specifically focused upon this. However, my search did result in multiple QKD networks being mentioned with their different published articles, so I have decided to follow this avenue of research. I am now collating the information of the different QKD networks in order to gain a broad understanding of the implementation of such a network.

Personal growth and skills gained:
My research is still of the same style as it has been previously, so I have not learned many new skills. I have however, figured out how to create subcategories in WordPress.


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