Personal Progress Report: 14/09/17

After this week’s catch-up, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • The amount of information within the research articles is interesting, but I need to thoroughly determine what I deem important and what I consider not relevant for my project’s focus.
  • If I start the write-up of my draft report, I should be able to further consolidate which aspect of the QKD network articles it is that I want to include in it.

The reason that I have arrived at these conclusions is due to the size of the  articles that I’ve been reading. Many of them are around 20+ pages, a lot of which, involves the technical aspect of their system’s configuration. Although all of the information seems important while I’m reading through it, the write-up makes me consider its relevance. This is because I don’t want my report to be overwhelmed with the minutia of technicality such as specific photon wavelengths used and the apparatus setup, which is not my primary focus.

From the articles, I do want to include in my report:

  • The three layer system, which is designed to secure the key generation from the user
  • The specific type of QKD network link; its pro’s and con’s
  • The distance and QBER of each link, and the implications involved
  • Whether the links are solely unicast, or whether any are multicast or broadcast


Personal growth and skills gained:
This past week’s study hasn’t required any new skills, but it has helped me further develop my research focus.


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