Personal Progress Report: 26/09/17

Last week didn’t have a personal progress report as I have been continuing with the same focus as where I was with my last report.

The mid-semester break for NMIT is finally here. This means that in two weeks time, I will have a little under a month to complete my project. With that in mind, I have set forth the following goals for my break:

  • Finish writing up the QKD network articles
  • Finish the Glossary
  • Be at least 4000 words into my draft report **

The first two goals are very time expensive, but I consider them to be imperative. The final goal is one that would reduce the pressure from my last four weeks back into the semester, but may not be feasible considering other course work that also need to be completed by the end of the break.

In terms of the work required to finish, it would mean the following:

  • QKD Network Articles
    • SECOQC
    • Tokyo QKD Network Field Test
    • Chinese Star-Type QKDN
    • DARPA Quantum Network

      Potentially also:

    • Optical Networking for QKD and Quantum Communication
    • Building the Quantum Network
  • Glossary
    • ~35 terms still need to be defined

Currently, I believe that I can complete this, though it will take a lot of time. I will update next week as to my progress with this work and the feasibility of the third goal.


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