Personal Progress Report: 04/10/17

Last week I set myself the following goals:

  • Finish writing up the QKD network articles
  • Finish the Glossary
  • Be at least 4000 words into my draft report

As I also completing work from my other courses, I was unable to complete these goals. What this means is that I need to consider whether I keep the glossary as part of my project or not. My current decision is to withhold any work on the glossary until after I’ve completed the draft report, as this prioritizes the aspect of this project that I consider most valuable. If I do have time, I will continue with the glossary but potentially trim it down to specific key words.

In terms of the work that I gave myself:
QKD Network Articles

  • Tokyo QKD Network Field Test
  • Chinese Star-Type QKDN
  • DARPA Quantum NetworkPotentially also:
  • Optical Networking for QKD and Quantum Communication
  • Building the Quantum Network

I have completed the SECOQC article, and found a more comprehensive article on star-type QKD networks. Once I have written up the Tokyo and DARPA articles, I will focus on my draft report, referring to the last two articles if I find the need.

In terms of time frames, my report is due on the 2nd November, which gives me just under a month to have the report completed. My goal for myself then, is to have a draft report handed into my supervisor by the 13th of October, the end of next week.


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