Personal Progress Report: 13/10/17

My current plan in this time of the semester is to write up my draft report by next Friday (the 20th) so that I can have it reviewed by my supervisor for any grammatical and formatting errors, and by someone who can determine that the concepts in my writing are correct.

After attending a report writing meeting yesterday, I was informed of the expected report format for a research project:
Research Report Format

My current framework is:

-Introduction to Quantum mechanics
-Introduction to QKD (Potentially also split into protocols also)

-Progress of protocols, BB84, BBM92, SARG04.

-Development of QKD in networks
-Development of trusted nodes
-Development of different QKD links

-The NIST SP 800-57

Analysis of Results
-Current state of network scheme with reference to the progress
-Applicability of quantum keys with relation to NIST procedure.

-Place of quantum keys and QKD in enterprise

Future Work
-Future potential of QKD
-Potential further research into overcoming QKD limitations


I intend to focus on these portions of the report first (references included) and then fill in the other parts of the report that feel less time-critical to me afterwards.



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