Personal Progress Report: 24/10/17

In my last personal progress report, I intended to complete my draft report by the 20th. I was unable to complete it by said date, but did complete it yesterday, the 23rd.

During the meeting with my supervisor today, we reviewed the draft report. From this meeting, I have compiled the following list of adjustments for the draft:

  • Elaborate (in either main body or appendix) on Alice and Bob
  • APA format references (This can be done through Zotero)
  • Clarify a few phrases within the report, and fix the typos
  • Finish write-up about CV-QKD
  • Potentially create a small conclusion about results from NIST section
  • Potentially change diagram position to be above network description


I also still need to complete the glossary, which I will work at over the week.




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